The Community Solutions option under My Community Mortgage is designed for teachers, police, firefighters and healthcare workers who need extra help buying a home. With Community Solutions, qualified borrowers can cover down payment and closing costs with gifts, grants, or loans from relatives or employers. Qualifying is simpler since all types of supplemental income including part-time and overtime are considered.

Affordable and flexible financing for teachers, police, firefighters, and healthcare workers.Community Solutions Mortgage

Features and Benefits

• Up to 97% LTV on 1 unit
• Up to 95% on 2 unit and 80% on 3 to 4 unit properties
• Income limits waived in FannieNeighbors® areas*
• Easy-to-use Fannie Mae GeoCoder® online tool available to determine if property is located in a FannieNeighbors® – eligible area*
• Non-traditional credit may be considered
• Gift funds allowed from family, employer, or Community Seconds
• Sellers are able to pay up to 6% of your homebuyer’s closing and prepaid expenses

*FannieNeighbors® areas are classified as central cities, low-income census tracts or census tracts where the average income is below 80% the area median income.

Calculate monthly payment and amortization.

Documentation that a borrower meets the requirement of full-time employment in approved professions (police, firefighter, healthcare, teacher) must be documented in the file by a pay stub, W-2 or a letter from the borrower’s employer.

Programs available to qualified borrowers only. Some Restrictions may apply. Programs subject to change without notice. Contact eLucid for more information.

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